Your Rehabilitation Assistant

You will learn how to manage your pain with less reliance on strong medication whilst building up and practicing the exercises that have been prescribed to get the best results from surgery.
Get a "head start" with the Recovery App.

"Don’t dream of it, Train for it!"

What is Recovery?

The Recovery Program is designed to get you fitter and stronger for surgery so that you are better able to get going afterward. It also aims to teach you a range of coping strategies to help manage the pain and other difficulties you may encounter.

The program has two parts. PREHAB, which is a 4-week program before surgery and REHAB which commences immediately after surgery, and continues for 12 weeks. We feel that it is important to personalise the program to your individual needs. Your exercises will start at a level that is well within your capacity and will be guided by what you can comfortably do.

Activity Monitoring

All your exercices and activity are monitored by your team so they are always up to date with your recovery progress.

Videos & Articles

A comprehensive library of exercise videos and self management pain coping strategies are ready to view. There is also a number of related articles to provide further insights.

Exercise Guidance

Animated videos will show you how to do exercises correctly and safely to optimise range of motion, function, strength and balance in your knee.

Daily Questionnaires

Every day you’ll be asked various questions that are key for our understanding of your progress. Answer the questions daily and honestly so we can best assist in your Recovery.

Schedule Monitoring

Throughout your pre & post-surgery journey, you have been set an activity schedule that matches the type and dates of your surgery.

How can the Recovery App help you?

By committing and then sticking with the Recovery Program, you should be fitter, stronger and more confident to get up and go after surgery. Data on your activities and feedback on how you are coping will be continuously collected. Your clinical team and GP will be regularly updated and can adjust the intensity of the program to meet your needs. This supportive network, with you at the centre, is designed to help get the best outcome for you and deal with any problems earlier.